Play Nice

Ariane & Roxana

Lie on your back and juggle with hands and feet. Refuse to allow the associated restrictions on your freedom of movement to stop you. Try to move forward, to join the game together, maybe even support each other. Remember that structure means freedom and that restrictions create spaces.

Ariane Oechsner and Roxana Küwen are two artists that are committed to exceptional circus discipline. The self-evident way in which they expand and play with the vocabulary of this discipline is astonishing.

Authors and performers: Roxana Küwen and Ariane Oechsner/Outside eyes: Roman Müller and Peter Sweet/Sound design: Gidon Oechsner/Light design and technician: Noémie Hajosi /Production: L'Entremise

Play nice_small

Teatro Furio Camillo

Via Camilla, 44 Roma

Venerdì 29 novembre ore 21

Biglietto singolo spettacolo: 13 euro

Abbonamento 3 spettacoli: 30 euro

Abbonamento 6 spettacoli: 48 euro